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Contractor Insight Spurs Co-Development of ProSTUD® Drywall Framing System

ProSTUD Drywall Framing System (ProSTUD® and ProTRAK®) is the innovative steel drywall stud that sets a new industry benchmark for high performance. Its patent pending design combines high-strength steel with additional stiffening enhancements for a drywall framing stud previously unimagined.

When we set out to develop this revolutionary drywall framing system, we wanted it to be the best. The most innovative. So, we called in the pros – the guys that work with the product day in and day out. ProSTUD Drywall Framing was developed, tested and approved in the field. The result? Drywall framing performance designed by the pros for the pro.

What’s more, ProSTUD Drywall Framing is backed by comprehensive laboratory testing for strength, fire and sound. No other drywall framing system has been as thoroughly tested as ProSTUD. So not only is it a dream to work with, but it also has the performance to meet the requirements of today’s building codes. ProSTUD is available nationwide.

ProSTUD® & PROTRAK® Code Approvals and Performance Standards

ProSTUD Drywall Framing System meets or exceeds these applicable performance standards:

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ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials

UL® Underwriters laboratories testing standard

Multiple UL® design listings for ProSTUD

**UL® and UL® Design are service marks of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.